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Attention: Network Marketers who would like to go from...
"Network Marketing Failure
to Network Marketing Success!"
30 year plus network marketing veteran reveals his 'Black Book of Prospecting Secrets' - used to become a top-leader in several network marketing compainies... and now you can use these secrets to do the same in your business!
     You're about to discover the secrets that took me from failing my first two years in Network Marketing... to massive success and total freedom. 

     Once you start applying these secrets in your business... prospecting will never be the same again.

     If you're struggling to consistently recruit people into your network marketing business, this could change the game for you

     If you're not sure what to say when calling your leads or talking with your friends and family, this makes it super simple.  

     If the thought of prospecting strangers creates anxiety... I understand completely.

     Hang in there, because you can do this!
     You'll SEE the exact script (you can start using within the next hour)... to start filling your pipeline right away.

     Imagine recruiting over 200 people in your network marketing business using my secret scripts... that's exactly what Andrew did, here's what he had to say...  
"I’ve been able to recruit over 200 people..."
     “Using just one nugget from Todd… literally ONE very simple script he taught me. I’ve been able to recruit over 200 people into my network marketing business on LinkedIn.”  

- Andrew Eaton
     Isn't that crazy?

     This is what can happen when following a proven system from someone who's been there and done that.

     But before we get too deep, let me assure you this kind of success doesn't simply happen... it takes work.

     Lucky for you, I've already paved the road ahead and made it super simple for you to start getting amazing results yourself.

     Allow me to introduce myself...  
Todd Falcone
Todd Falcone
Network Marketing Trainer
Date: {{long-date}}

Dear Network Marketing Professional, 
My name is Todd Falcone and I've been in this network marketing profession for 30 years now. 

In a few minutes, I'll share more of my story with you and the details of this new system.

Before we dive deep, know this...

The ability for you to start signing up new customers and reps using these secrets is very simple. 

It enables the new person in Network Marketing, to start having success... right out of the gate.
     If you're a top leader in your company, this also helps you get to that next rank advancement... in no time flat. 

     These secrets have been field-tested and put through the paces for the last couple of decades. 

  • Having confidence prospecting with everyone you meet, and having fun doing it - even if you're shy.
  • Knowing the exact words to say to people in any situation so that you're always viewed as a professional. 
  • Rank advancing fast in your company and becoming the next top leader.
  • Signing up new customers on a consistent basis... like clockwork.
  • Watching as your checks grow larger and larger each month.
     This is what happens when you start applying these secrets into your Network Marketing business on a daily basis.  

     This has taken years to put together. Now you can use all these trade secrets and apply them into your business.... you're going to love this.

      You'll discover a whole new gear for your business when you apply this unique-method... for prospecting. It gives you a path to run on.

     It's all laid out for you, step-by-step and ready to go. You'll soon discover the real-key to creating consistent success

     It all starts with prospecting. In a minute you'll see the six-step prospecting framework that gets you more sign ups... fast.

     First, let's start with the fact that...
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"Network Marketing (Direct Selling) is a Growing Industry!"
The Network Marketing industry is growing stronger than ever. Millions of people are getting involved each year. It's a great time to be a network marketer.
     According to DSA’s 2021 Growth & Outlook Survey, direct selling set record highs in sales ($40.1 billion), direct sellers (7.7 million), and customers (more than 41.6 million) in the U.S. in 2020.
People Involved in Direct Selling.
     This industry is on the rise and you're in the perfect place to capitalize on it. Especially, with these insider secrets you're about to discover.  
"The Perfect Vehicle for Total Freedom..."
     Network Marketing is one of the best vehicles to be in and create financial freedom for yourself

     The reason is because there's...
  • Low start-up costs
  • NO Employees
  • NO Inventory
  • NO Income Cap
  • Residual income
     You're leveraging the resources of fortune 500 companies... with the potential to create a fortune for yourself and your family.

     There's stay at home mom's working from home, making more than high paid doctors.

Best Selling Author and 7-Figure Earner

"Todd is able to break down the essentials of business building into a form that allows people of all levels to become masterful producers." 

- Susan Sly
Susan Sly
     You're in the right profession and it's the perfect fit for the lifestyle you want to have. Now, we want to get you to your business goals fast.

     The best way to 'shortcut' your success in Network Marketing... is to find someone who's already had massive success and do what they do.
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"My Evolution of Network Marketing Success..."
(NOTE: This is Where All of These Prospecting SECRETS Came From...  Real World RESULTS!)
     I'm known in the industry as the "trainer to the trainers". I got my start in Network Marketing at the age of 22, as I was graduating from college.

     While I struggled during those first couple of years... I went on to build several successful businesses. 

     My entire business career has been involved in Network Marketing. With over 30 years in the profession now, I have a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in it.

     Because of all my years in the field, I know exactly what works and what doesn’t work... when it comes to building a successful Network Marketing business. 

     Here's what a few have to say about my training...

Best Selling Author, Speaker and Trainer

"Todd Falcone is without question, one of the most dynamic speakers and trainers in the entire network marketing profession. 

His unique combination of straight talk and humor will have your audience laughing and learning at the same time.”

- Eric Worre
Eric Worre

Author, Trainer and Speaker

"Todd Falcone is one of the most dynamic speakers and coaches in all of Network Marketing. 

Todd has built large Network Marketing teams giving him unique insights on proven techniques. Through his high level relationships, experiences and insights he is as in tune as anyone on the latest strategies. 

Todd knows how to get your company and teams results. There is a reason why he is one of the most sought out coaches and speakers in the entire industry. 

I love learning from Todd and always have him as a top recommendation for anyone looking to take their business to the next level"

- Rob Sperry
Rob Sperry

Author, Trainer and Speaker

"Todd Falcone is a great trainer and ambassador for the Network Marketing profession. 

His training is ALWAYS helpful to reps at any level AND is never confusing or over the heads of anyone. 

The HUGE additional cool factor of Todd is he practices what he preaches as I have witnessed him many times actually use what he teaches to prospect people in all kinds of places. 

We love Todd!"

- Ray Higdon
Ray Higdon
     To hit your business goals faster, you want to follow someone who's been there, done that... over and over again. 

     This is why I've developed a proven and time-tested system for prospecting. It's called...
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Little Black Book of Scripts
"The Little Black Book of Scripts!"
(Done-For-You Prospecting Scripts)
     During the last couple of decades I've tested, proven and assembled a unique system. 

     This system allows ordinary people in Network Marketing... to become top leaders in their companies.

     The KEY part of becoming a Network Marketing superstar... is to be able to talk with anyone at any time about your products or business.
     This is step one... 

     Becoming a fearless prospector and having the confidence to be your best self... in any situation.

     It all starts with knowing what to say. This begins with having a framework of a conversation so that you're never stuck.

     Here's a quick example of my six-step prospecting framework...
     Step #1 - Introduction: This is where the conversation starts. Here the connection process begins and you start to connect with your prospect.

     There's certian way you want to do this, that increases a "YES" in the conversation. Inside this training you'll discover this tactic so you can start to 10X your YES rate.
     Step #2 - Ask for Permission to Continue:      

      Once I've asked the opening question... which by the way, I don’t pause until I do so, I then ask for permission to continue based on their answer

      This part is KEY, because you want to make sure THEY are open to hearing more from you. Now, in this training, we'll cover everything in great detail... including what to do when they say no.

    When they say YES, we move them to the next step, which is...
STEP #3 - Probe and Qualify: 
     Step #3 - Probe and Qualify:      

      This part of the script is based on feel. Here you'll ask them a series of questions. These are all layed out for you in the Little Black Book of Scripts. 

     Again... you MUST be paying attention to your prospect’s answers, both WHAT they say and HOW they say it. 

     Remember... because the question is in the probing and qualifying section of the script, it doesn’t mean that it MUST be asked.  We'll cover this in great detail inside the course.

The next step is...
STEP #4 - Information Gathering Process:
     Step #4 - Take them Through the Information Gathering Process:      

            At this step, if you've identified that this is someone you would like to work with and it's a good fit. You then want to move them to a CTA #1(call to action)

     Here you'll send them to a 3rd party tool, like a website, webinar, audio, etc, to learn more information. You also want to setup the next appointment right here.

     This way they can view the information and you both can then continue the discussion. Let the tools do the work for you!

     Then on your next call you'll...
STEP #5 - Take Their Temperature:
     Step #5 - Take their Temperature:      

      Here you'll take their temperature and see what they liked best about the information. You'll see exactly what to say at this step... it's all layed out in my done-for-you prospecting scripts.

     Once you have postive feedback and you feel they're ready to get started, it's on to the last step...
STEP #6 - Closing to Action:
     Step #6 - Closing to Action and Getting Started:      

      You're nearing the end of the process with your prospect at this point. They will either not be interested, and if so... you ask for a referral. If they are moderately interested... you find out what they require to make an informed decision, or you sign them up. 

     If you haven’t signed them up yet, you’re objective is to do so! They probably simply need a little more information and validation. Perhaps even a little time to think about it. 

   However... if they DO say “I need to think about it”, be sure to ask them, “What is it specifically that you need to think about?” 

     In this training course, you get scripts showing you exactly how to conduct a 3-way call and how to effectively set up reliable follow-up calls. You'll also discover how to close your prospects.
      What I've outlined above is a small example of how we move people into the exposure process in a systematic way.

     Inside my Little Black Book of Scripts, you'll get access to ALL my prospecting scripts

     This way you can start using them right away and start signing up your next rep within a few days from now.

     Here's what people are saying about using these powerful scripts and system...
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"Real People - Real Results..."
(Case-Studies from Little Black Book Customers...)
"LBB has helped build confidence in my MLM business..."
     "LBB has helped overall by giving scripts that easy and natural to use when prospecting and approaching to aid in getting more like-minded individuals as business partners.

And by having more business partners gives you across the board more time freedom to enjoy yourself, family, friends, and life like it was meant to be.

LBB has helped build confidence in my MLM business by showing me that this is a simple relationship business of sharing an opportunity or product to help a person to have a better quality of life.

I don't have one favorite script... all are my favorite because they are used in different circumstances which helps you to be specific to a certain situation.

Todd's training has impacted me by showing me that using simple scripts or approaches is all that's needed to share a business idea with someone whether it's for them or not."

- Times Bgood
"I'm no longer stumbling and struggling for what to say..."
     "The Little Black Book of Scripts has helped me feel more confident in my prospecting as I'm more prepared with what to say

I dont spend so much time trying to think of the right words to say and making it specific to each person. It is just one simple question that either opens the door to a conversation or it eliminates people who arent open or ready to make a change in their life yet. Its brilliant. 

This system has helped my confidence immensely. I use to be shy, nervous and scared to reach out to people. Now I have posture and confidence in knowing that I have a gift that can help others. I know the right words to use so I'm no longer stumbling and struggling for what to say.

My favorite script is this one... "Do you ever keep your options open in terms of making extra income outside of what you are currently doing?" SO simple!

This one tiny little script has helped me when I'm in the moment and want to say something to someone. In the past I would have been tongue tied and unsure of what to say. 

This makes it so simple for me and it gets me a Yes or a no right away. And honestly, it gets me more Yes's than before when I would stumble on my words. 

Todds trainings have changed my business and my life. My confidence has sky rocketed, my awareness or what I'm doing on a daily basis is my business has improved. 

My daily action has tripled. My belief in myself has increased and I'm eternally grateful for everything Todd has done and continues to do. 

Before I discovered Todd and his trainings, I had no confidence, no belief and was afraid to taking action. I did not want to reach out to people because of the fear of what I thought people would think of me. 

But what I found was that it doesnt matter what people think. Just be genuine, authentic and do the work. Take the action and your confidence and belief will grow because of it. 

I appreciate Todd so much and am so grateful for all his trainings.

- Susie Helland
"This script book has made prospecting easier..."
     "This script book has made prospecting easier. It has given me the confidence in prospecting in a variety of different ways... and eliminated excuses for not knowing what to say. I'm now in the process of obtaining more time and money.

My favorite script is the one for recruiting professionals. This system has given me the confidence to speak to my target market of business owners.

Todd Falcone has given me the knowledge, mindset, skillset, and inspiration to stay in the network marketing game until I win."

- Troy Moten
"Since using the Little Black Book of Scripts, prospecting is a lot easier for me now..."
     "Since using the Little Black Book of Scripts, prospecting is a lot easier for me now. I just got this system and it's helping me close sales and recruit people to my business. Now I know it's possible for an introvert like me to make it in this business.

My confidence in sales and speaking with people has grown exponentially. My favorite script is the cold market scripts.

Using These scripts have helped me to continue the conversation. When the prospect conveys that "there is nothing more to talk about". Prospect says, "I'm not interested". I say, "If I could show you a business that you could earn residual income from home, you'd want to know about it, wouldn't you?

This system has helped me earn extra income to supplement my income. This makes my life a lot easier! In 2018 I plan to take my business to a whole new level! Thanks Todd, for publishing the Little Black Book of Scripts."

- Ellen Eustace
      I'm very proud of all my Little Black Book of Scripts customers. Stories like the ones above come in all the time. 

     If you're not where you want to be with your Network Marketing business than you MUST grab this system today!

     I say this because... 

     ...well, because when people start using my Little Black Book of Scripts, they start getting more customers... and signing up more reps.

     So the question now is... are you ready to move towards your dreams in Network Marketing? 

Here's everything you'll need to get started...
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The Little Black Book of Scripts - Ultimate Prospecting System
The Little Black Book of Scripts
Here's everything you're getting today...
  • Massive Page Script Book (PDF): Here you'll get access to ALL of my proven and time-tested scripts. Scripts for cold market and warm market. 
  • 2 Plus Hours of Audio Training:  I'm with you every step of the way. In this intensive audio training, you'll discover exactly how to use these scripts. I'll cover everything and by the end... you'll know how to effectively prospect - with NO FEAR!
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WAIT - There's More!
     When you make the decision to take control of your prospecting abilities right now using my Little Black Book of Scripts proven system.

You're also getting these "FAST ACTION" bonuses...
8 Hot Strategies for Success in the Cold Market!
     After 30 plus years in this industry working with the cold market I've learned a few things. 

     These eight hot strategies give you an unfair advantage when prospecting in the cold market. 
Todd Falcone Bonus
Six Strategies to Improve Your Follow Up Game!
     Having a follow up strategy with your prospects is critical for success in this game.  

     These six strategies allow you to collect decisions faster and close more people into the business with ease. 
Todd Falcone Bonus
Email Scripts!
     You're also getting my three top email scripts for business business quickly.  

     These are my three most powerful email scripts. Using these saves you time and has you looking like a total network marketing professional. 
Todd Falcone Bonus
Direct Mail Scripts!
     Sending direct mail in {{YYYY}} is easier than ever. Here you're getting my 3 top direct mail pieces.

     One of the two pieces is my greeting card glory script. Using this puts you top of mind with your prospects.
Todd Falcone Bonus
My Lead Coding 
3 Step System!
     I have a very simple three step system I use to stay organized when I sit down to work my leads.

      Once you start using this in your network marketing business, it will make managing all your conversations a breeze.
Todd Falcone Bonus
Connecting & Rapport Building Tips!
     There really is no exact script for establishing rapport in a conversation. 

     However, I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to build rapport and create warmth and receptivity, whenever you attempt to do so.
Todd Falcone Bonus

"YES Todd, I'm ready to start recruiting more quality reps & customers into my business, and SPEED UP my prospecting efforts!"

I Understand I'm Getting Instant Access To This Entire SYSTEM...
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Here's everything you're getting instant access to...
  • Massive Page Script Book (PDF): Here you'll get access to ALL of my proven and time tested scripts. Scripts for cold market and warm market. (digital version only)
  •  2 Plus Hours of Audio Training: I'm with you every step of the way. In this intensive audio training you'll discover exactly how to use these scripts. I'll cover everything and by the end... you'll know how to effectively prospect - with NO FEAR!  (digital version only)
  • ​BONUS #1: 8 Hot Strategies for Success in the Cold Market! 
  • BONUS #2: Six Strategies to Improve Your Follow Up Game!
  • BONUS #3: My 3 Email Scripts!
  • BONUS #4: My 3 Direct Mail Scripts!
  • ​​BONUS #5: My Lead Coding 3 Step System!
  • ​BONUS #6: Connecting & Rapport Building Tips!
Need Help? Call us at 800-259-1177
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

You are fully protected by our 30 day 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get better at recruiting by using my proven scripts, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

- Todd Falcone
     When you get started right now, you'll get instant access to this entire system. Once you start using these scripts and system in your business... here's what you can expect...
  • Prospecting Mastery: Once you start using this SYSTEM you'll find that prospecting starts to become fun and easy. Talking with people about your Network Marketing business becomes effortless.
  • Prospecting Systemization: In this training you'll see exactly how I do all my prospecting calls. How I use my "lead coding method" to know exactly where each person is on my list and what step they're in now. This keeps you organized and on track with all of your leads. Using this system saves you a lot of time, because everything is laid out in a systematic way for you to follow.  
The Little Black Book of Scripts
     I look forward to sharing these insider strategies that I've acquired over the last 30 years in this industry with you.

See you in the member's area!
What Top Earners are Saying...
"He is a machine..."
"Todd Falcone was instrumental in teaching me how to prospect. He is a machine…and can teach anyone how to get better results while prospecting."
- MIKE DILLARD | Top Earner
"His strategies are relevant..."
"Todd’s expertise lies in the fact that he has experienced network marketing from the distributor side – and he’s a great teacher. His strategies are relevant."
"He is a prospecting pro..."
"Todd Falcone is one of the best network marketers I know. He is a prospecting pro and knows EXACTLY what it takes to massively succeed in network marketing."
- JORDAN ADLER | Top Earner
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